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Bilingual Supplementary Extension Reimbursement Program

The Bilingual Supplemental Certification Reimbursement Program is designed to address the shortage of bilingual educators and clinicians within the New York City Public Schools. This program assists participants with the bilingual extension certification process as well as provides tuition reimbursement.

In order to be eligible for the Bilingual Supplementary Certification you must meet the following criteria prior to acceptance into the program:  

  • Receive a principal’s nomination and/or a commitment letter for a bilingual position within a NYC Public School.
  • Be an incumbent certified classroom teacher with a valid New York State Education Department (NYSED) Initial, Provisional, Professional or Permanent NYS certificate in the area for which you will be teaching.
  • Successfully complete the Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) examination.
  • Provide proof of enrollment into a NYSED approved program leading to the Bilingual Extension.
  • Complete the Pre-requisite coursework: Theories of Bilingual Education and Multi- cultural Perspectives.
  • Participants must obtain the NYSED Supplementary Bilingual Extension.
  • Participant must serve as a Bilingual Educator in a New York City Public School for a minimum of three years.

Participants are reimbursed the current CUNY Graduate tuition rate (not to exceed 12 credits) for coursework necessary to complete the Initial/Provisional Admin/PPS Bilingual Education Extension. Other fees and expenses are not covered and are the responsibility of the participant.

Candidates will not be reimbursed for coursework taken prior to program acceptance. In addition, only coursework completed with a grade of “B” or higher will be reimbursed.

Please note: This process does not require an online application.  Eligible candidates must contact Luis Echevarria at LEchevarria@schools.nyc.gov or 718 935-2449 for program information.

Implementation of the Bilingual Supplementary Certification Reimbursement Program is contingent upon the availability of resources and the staffing needs of the NYC Department of Education.