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Career Training Program

Q:  What is the Career Training Program?

A:  The Career Training Program (CTP) provides UFT educational paraprofessionals and DC 37, Local

372 family paraprofessionals an opportunity to acquire six college credits at participating colleges during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, through a combination of tuition assistance, released work time and summer stipends.


Q:  How will I know if I am eligible to participate?

A:  In general, full-time paraprofessionals who are employed by the Department of Education and do not possess a Bachelor's Degree are eligible to participate.

Q:  When are CTP applications available?

A:  Applications will be available online as follows:  

Fall Semester - May 1st through June 30th

Spring Semester - September 1st  through October 31st

Summer Semester - February 1st  through March 31st 


Q:  How will I be notified that my application has been accepted?

A:  All approval Tuition Payment Certification Letter (Voucher ) will be sent via email to your NYCDOE email address.   Vouchers must be printed, signed and submitted to the attending college/university bursar’s office. The voucher authorizes the participating college to submit an invoice to the Scholarship Incentives and Speech Programs office for tuition payment.

Q:  Is there a cost for me to participate in the Career Training Program?

A:  No. There is no cost for eligible paraprofessionals to participate in the Career Training Program.

Q:  What is a Summer Stipend and how would I qualify to receive one?

A:   A summer stipend is additional money (up to $240.00) made available to eligible

paraprofessionals who are taking a minimum of 6 credits/equated credits while enrolled in an accredited college during the summer semester. The Summer Stipend Attendance Sheet can be downloaded via the website at www.teachnycprograms.net . The Summer Stipend Attendance Sheet must be signed by the paraprofessional and the instructor and submitted to the office with a copy of a bursar's receipt, student transaction report, transcript or grade report.


Q:  What is Released Time?

A:  Paraprofessionals who meet the requirements are eligible for released time. Released time cannot be used to actually attend a college class during regularly scheduled school hours. Released time will be granted, in accordance with the UFT and DC 37 contracts, during the fall, spring and 1st summer semester only to paraprofessionals who are attending an accredited college. Release time during the summer session may be taken but must be completed by June 30th. Paraprofessionals are encouraged to take courses during the late afternoon, evenings or weekends to avoid conflict with their work assignments.  Release time shall only be granted to paraprofessionals enrolled in the Career Training Program (CTP) financed by the Division of Human Resources.

Q:  If I am on a leave of absence will I qualify for the Career Training Program?

A:  No, only paraprofessionals that are on active payroll are eligible to benefit from the CTP


Q:  If I have been laid off, will I qualify to participate in the Career Training Program?

A:  Laid off paraprofessionals are eligible to continue their participation in CTP during the semester in which they were laid off and the semester immediately following layoff.


Q:  If I am a DC37 family paraprofessional, which institutions may I apply to?

    A:  DC37, Local 372, family paraprofessionals may only attend the College of New Rochelle located at 125 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10007 and must directly contact DC37, Local 372, Schools Division

         at (212) 815-1958.

Q:  Which colleges or universities participate in the Career Training Program?

A:  The following colleges are available to eligible UFT paraprofessionals.

Borough of Manhattan Community College
Bronx Community College
Hostos Community College
LaGuardia Community College
Kingsborough Community College
Queensborough Community College

Bernard M. Baruch College
Brooklyn College
City College of New York
College of Staten Island

CUNY School of Professional Studies
Hunter College
John Jay College
Lehman College
Medgar Evers College
NYC Technical College
Queens College

York College


Empire State College
SUNY at Old Westbury

Boricua College
Mercy College

Seymour Joseph Institute ASL
St. Francis College
Touro College



The following college offer specific programs for UFT Paraprofessionals only.  Prior program approval is required to benefit from the CTP Program. Applicants must contact the program coordinator for additional program information and admission criteria: 


Long Island University

Charlotte Marchant, Coordinator



 DC 37, Local 372 Family Paraprofessionals may only attend the College of New Rochelle.  For additional program information and admission criteria please contact: 


Mark Garcia

Schools Division

College of New Rochelle

125 Barclay Street

New York, NY

212 815-1958