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Career Training Program


The Career Training Program (CTP) provides eligible UFT paraprofessionals and DC 37, Local 372 family paraprofessionals with the opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s degree. The program pays tuition for from 3 to 6 credits per semester for undergraduate study at participating colleges/universities.  Two and a half hours per week of released time  and/or a summer stipend are also provided to support study.


To submit an application for the Career Training Program apply here: https://nyc.teacherssupportnetwork.com/Start.do?CareerPath=INC.


Full time paraprofessionals employed in the New York City public schools who have not yet earned a Bachelor’s degree.


Reforms/Changes to the Career Training Program (CTP):


Effective with the fall 2016 term, the NYCDOE will no longer pay activity, application, technology and any other fees charged by the college.  This will be the Paraprofessional’s responsibility.


  • Mandatory matriculation into a degree bearing program after completion of 60 credits.  Proof of matriculation will be required.
  • Substitute Paraprofessionals will no longer be eligible to participate in the CTP Program.  The NYCDOE will no longer pay for the six (6) credits.
  • A maximum of 120 credits will be paid on behalf of the Paraprofessional, towards the completion of a Bachelor's degree program (exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis).
  • Paraprofessionals must maintain a "C" grade point average (2.0) to remain in the program.
  • The NYCDOE will not pay for "F" grades or late withdrawals.


Financial Aid:


For paraprofessionals who benefit from the Federal Pell Grant or the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) grant, financial aid will be used to cover any tuition related expenses.  The attending college/university will bill the Department of Education the difference between the amount of tuition owed and the amount of tuition assistance received. 


Applications for the Career Training Program are available online as follows:


  • Fall Semester – May 1st through June 30th
  • Spring Semester – September 1st through October 31st
  • Summer Semester – February 1st through March 31st

For a list of approved colleges and programs, please click here.

For more information about the Career Training Program, please view the Fact Sheet ( HTML | PDF )and the F.A.Q. ( HTML | PDF ). 

To view the Release Time Memo, please click on the following link:   https://www.teachnycprograms.net/ctp/docs/CTP%20Release%20Time%20%20%20Rev%208%2016.pdf


Effective immediately, to ensure that you receive your confirmation and your voucher; you must now utilize your NYCDOE email address.  The system will no longer accept email addresses from other domains.    






We are currently accepting applications for the 2016-17 Paraprofessional Student Teaching Leave of Absence Program.  These special leaves of absences are by application only.  Applications are available December 23rd through January 31, 2017 in paper form.  After this initial period, applications will be found online only at the www.teachnycprograms.net website.

Program Details: 


Program Application:




The Career Training Program (CTP) will now support eligible Paraprofessionals who are interested in pursuing a career as a teacher, and matriculated in a graduate education program through a reimbursement program.  New York State certification must be achieved after September 1, 2016 and must comply with the application procedures for the program as outlined below.

Applications for the CTP Paraprofessional to Teacher Pathways Program will be available from February 1st through March 30th of each year.  There are absolutely no extensions to this application period.  For the current 2016-17 school year, applications will be available in paper form. After this initial period, ALL applications will be found online at www.teachnycprograms.net.  For additional program details/eligibility requirements as well as the current application please click the following links:

Program Details:

https://www.teachnycprograms.net/ctp/docs/Career Training Program Para to Teacher Pathways Graduate Reimbursement Program.pdf

Program Application:

https://www.teachnycprograms.net/ctp/docs/Paraprofessional Graduate Reimbursement Application .pdf


We are currently accepting applications for the Lead Teaching Assistant position until April 30, 2017.

The Lead Teacher Assistant Paraprofessional (LTA) allows for a more diverse use of paraprofessionals in classroom and school to support student’s needs.  The position allows schools to utilize a paraprofessional in the role of a true Assistant Teacher, supporting instruction in the classroom working with students alone or in small groups under the general supervision of the classroom teacher throughout the school year.  This position allows paraprofessionals to enhance their skills and create a possible pathway to a teaching career.  The LTA is an annual position and will receive an additional compensation of $5,000 above the applicable contracted annual salary.

To submit an application for the Lead Teaching Assistant position click here:  https://nyc.teacherssupportnetwork.com/Start.do?CareerPath=INC.

Paraprofessional Academy

The Paraprofessional Academy is a comprehensive service center where paraprofessionals can obtain help with educational and career concerns from a staff of counselors and advisors.  Such assistance is intended to support the paraprofessionals by offering relevant resources that facilitate the participant’s orientation into the career training program; contribute to their personal development, enhance their academic success, and facilitate their career skills.  Additionally, the New York City Department of Education in collaboration with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) will offer various workshops through the year for paraprofessionals.  Thank you. 


To view the upcoming 2016-2017 workshops scheduled, please click on the link below: 


https://www.teachnycprograms.net/ctp/docs/May 18 2017 ADHD Tools and Resources.pdf