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Paraprofessionals attending and completing six (6) credits/semester hours of study during the summer semester may be eligible to receive a summer stipend. The NYCDOE will pay a stipend of $40.00 per week (up to six weeks) to each eligible paraprofessional attending college during the summer semester. Paraprofessionals who work for the NYCDOE during the summer are not eligible to participate in this program. Only classes taken between 07/01/2022-08/17/2022 qualify for the summer stipend.   


  • Summer Stipend Application (you must include all course information, class start date, end date, and the professor's signature.) 
  • A copy of the bursar’s receipt or grade report or unofficial transcript (must indicate passing grade.)
  • We will only accept applications with the required documentation indicating a passing grades. 
  •    Applicants must be payrolled as a full-time paraprofessional at the time of application filing and remain appointed as a full-time paraprofessional for the remainder of the application school year.


NOTE: To avoid a delay in processing your application, please be sure to accurately complete the entire application and provide all the necessary documentation. Applications may be submitted as soon as summer courses are completed and unofficial transcripts reflect passing grades.  

Summer Stipend Application

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 17, 2022

Please email, mail, or fax the completed application and all required documents to the following:

Email: sispsummerstipend@schools.nyc.gov

Fax: (718) 935-4262


New York City Department of Education

Scholarships, Incentivess & Speech Programs

65 Court Street, Room 508

Brooklyn, New York 11201

Attn: Paraprofessional Summer Stipend